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Welcome to Social Wine and Tapas, your go-to destination for all things food and wine. We are a community of passionate bloggers who are dedicated to sharing our love and knowledge of delicious meals and fine wines with our readers. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or just starting to explore the culinary world, we have something for you.

What We're About

Our website, Social Wine and Tapas, is a one-stop-shop for all things food and wine. We provide in-depth restaurant reviews, delicious recipes, and expert advice to help you elevate your dining and cooking experiences. We take the time to visit the best restaurants and bring you an in-depth look at the food, atmosphere, and service. We also share our favorite recipes and tips for cooking at home. Want to learn about meal prep instead? Visit this website for more information about meal prep and meal prep delivery.

Wine and More Wine

But we’re not just about the food. We also have a deep appreciation for wine and know that a great glass of wine can elevate any meal. That’s why we feature wine pairing suggestions and wine reviews to help you find the perfect bottle to enjoy with your meals. Pair our website with the Vivino app for an even better experience.

Our Community is Our Strength

But it’s not just about us sharing our experiences, we also have a community of bloggers who contribute to our website. They provide a diverse range of perspectives and experiences, and we are proud to be a platform that allows them to share their love of food and wine with others.

Food & Wine

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Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next dinner party, want to find a new favorite restaurant, or just want to learn more about the world of food and wine, we have you covered. Take a look around our website, and join us on our culinary journey. We guarantee you’ll find something that tickles your taste buds and leaves you wanting more.

Meet The Team Behind Social Wine & Tapas

We are a diverse group of experts, each with our own unique perspective and specialties. Andre Singer, our blogger, explores new restaurants and cuisines. Angela Pomero, our food critic, provides honest and insightful reviews. Tanya Ubek, our recipe expert, shares her favorite recipes and tips for recreating them at home. Join us on our culinary journey and discover the delicious world of food and wine.

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What They Say

Social Wine and Tapas is a must-read for any food and wine enthusiast. The restaurant reviews and recipes are spot on and the wine pairing suggestions are always a hit at dinner parties
Social Wine and Tapas is my go-to for all things food and wine. Their expert reviews, delicious recipes and pairing suggestions have helped me elevate my culinary game.
The restaurant reviews and recipes are spot on and the wine pairing suggestions are always a hit at my dinner parties. I would highly recommend anyone to check them out!